Sunday, 15 April 2012


Sorry really crap picture, not feeling well enough to bring a camera to my face! 
001. Hope you have all been having great holidays, im so sad that they are coming to an end because i cant think of anything worse than going back to school. Biggest grown ever... I have my final french speaking exam coming up in the next couple of days and learning 2 pages of foreign language is proving quite a challenge at the moment, as well as me losing my voice. Sorry for the moans and groans, for all of you that have any exams coming up i wish you all lots of luck. 

002. What have i done this week... Oh revision, revision and oh yea more revision fml. I cant wait until everything is over and i have the summer, im so excited for the next coming months and the sun! i popped into town this week and picked up a new lush dipped hem skirt (from Zara again) and its a shade of peppermint, gorgeous for the summer. ( i know, im slacking and need to do an outfit post, but i haven't because when im at home doing my work i just want to be comfy and worm!) 

003. i don't really have anything else to say to all of my lovely followers to be honest, ive had a a dull week. The only remotely interesting thing i have done all week was when i had my friends round for drinks and games and abit of banter last night. 
Have a beautiful week followers 
LOVE Jess xoxoxox

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