Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Top: River Island 
Shorts: Zara (last year)
Necklace: Topshop
Top: Topshop 
Shorts: Forever 21 
Ring: My aunty gave me years ago 
(sorry very similar and boring poses apologies) 
Top: Zara (last year) 
Shorts: Matalan (childrens section lol) 
Top: Topshop 
Shorts: Zara 
Top: New Look 
Shorts: Hollister (my work shorts) 
Bralette: Gilly Hicks (work uniform again)
Shorts: Matalan  

Here are some of the outifits that I wore when I was in zante. I wore mainly shorts and tops as that was what I felt safest in when on a party island under the influence hah. I went shopping about 6 weeks ago with my best friend to London to get all of my zante clothes and the shops did me well, I got everything and more that I wanted. I was on a hunt for either ubur brought colours or lacy colours, which you can properly tell from the outfits over. I love all of the outfits as they are all completely different. The bright lime green crop top from river island is so cute, its got a textured feel and a really cute zip detail on the back and at only £16 you cant really go wrong. I also think the pastel green outfit is super cute and the shorts were only £10 in the forever 21 sale which is such a steal as they are so handy and can be worn a million different ways. I had to show you a cheeky picture of the back of my Gilly bra, its to die for. I don't wear it with a bra because I think it spoils the lace detail, so i just have to be a little careful when I wear it! 
Anyway's, hope you like my holiday outfits and they give you inspiration if you stuck on what to wear when you go on holiday. 
P.S I highly recommend zante its an amazing place and anyone who goes there is bound to have an unforgettable holiday. I share some pics from my trip to zante soon. 

Love Jess 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


wow im a crap blogger aren't I, cant believe how fast this year has gone its actually crazy. I have finished my first of college. (I study fashion its amazeballs) I have a few pictures to show you of the various projects i have been doing in my sketchbooks. During the year I have made two major garments; one spired by Eliza Doolittle's character in My Fair Lady, the second a 1960's inspired dress. If anyone out there wants to study fashion and cant deal with the hassle of A levels then, a college course like mine would be perfect for you. Its so much fun and you learn so much about the fashion industry and about all the various roles ect.. 

These are just a couple of pics from my 'contextual' book. (a book where I write reviews of exhibitions along with various other things) We went to the Valentino exhibition at Summerset House in London, it was truly inspiring and I loved it. So I had to do a 8 pages review of what I liked, disliked. (which there was nothing I disliked obviously.)

These other pics are just from other projects that I have. I have only shown you my art side of the course, don't want you all think that all I do all day because its not!! anyway's hope you like this very miner insight to my college life.