Sunday, 8 April 2012


(i don't usually teeth smile in a picture because i hate my teeth with a passion)
Hello beautiful people, i love all of my new followers i appreciate you following my blog SO much!
001. Happy Easter Everyone, and Happy Birthday to myself for Tuesday (just past) My photos that will be posted tomorrow are of my birthday presents, i love them all so much, there dead lush. I got a black canon and new pair of ray bans, which i cant wait to wear when we get some more sunshine!
002. Hope you are all having lovely Easter holidays and doing lots of fun and exciting things. I've been stuck at home for the majority of the time revising for all of my up and coming exams major grown. However i did manage to go out on my birthday evening to a party my friend was having, as it was my birthday i arrived fashionable late but when i arrived my close friend got everyone to sing me happy birthday, i could have died. Im not one to have the attention of everyone, especially to sing to me, oh well i guess it was nicish in a way.
003. Im really not feeling many garms in the shops atm, i cant seem to find anything. I am in love with dipped hem skirts though, i find them soo easy and comfy to wear; i picked one up last week in zara, (will be shown to you tomorrow) Its such a lush colour. (jade green)
004. My rents are going away tomorrow on a road trip for a week with my little sister, so im staying with my aunt for a couple of days and may not be able to do an outfit post which sucks.
005. Hope your all having a lovely day and overindulging on chocolate. I have decided that im going on a major healthy eating diet as from tomorrow because i really want to lose a load of lbs.
Please follow. untill next time
Love Jess xoxoxoxoxoxox

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