Sunday, 26 February 2012


001-Heyy guys hope you all had an amazingly productive week. Sorry i havent blogged at all i don't know where the time went. I have so much on my plate atm im sooo tired. I have a week to finish making my dress and have all its paper work up to date-never going to happen
002- I got my interview date for college this week, i am slightly nervous and i don't know why but apparently the fashion and textiles course i want to do is majorly over subscribed this year so i really need to up my game and get drawing right away. (btw its on 7th march) So im all up tight about that as well. Sorry for the moan and grunt tonight!
003- I told you guys i broke up with m boyfriend on valentines day major el o el but i went on my first date you could call it since i broke up with my ex. It was really good actually we went to the cinema and back to his ect.. But i was really nervous because i didn't know what to wear because i wasn't sure what he was expecting and all that. So i just kept it simplish shorts, tights, layered top and long waist coat.
004- I have a post i want to do on a teen vogue book i have, will hopefully do that this week if i have time. Sorry no outfit posts this week.
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Sunday, 19 February 2012


001. I actually feel like someone has taken all of my emotions and stuck them into a jar and shaken then because i feel so confused right now with everything and i don't know what to do.
002. I have had abit of a slow day today, been slightly down as i have to go back to school tomorrow and i ave so much to do as i did zero percentage of the work i have to do. (expect from my french) And if anyone reading this is doing or has done a textiles gcse you will know that there is so much course work and i am so pissed of at myself because i was in a rush to get some seams over-locked before had to go to my next lesson and then messed up the whole seam on one side of my dress. I was positively fuming at myself because i like to make everything perfect that i do. I guess some people would say that's a bad thing but i cant help but feel that way. Its making me feel tense just writing about it now and it happened to weeks ago!
003. I don't think i will be able to blog during the week because i have hundreds of exams coming up and need to start focusing and revising. I have a french writing exam on Wednesday and i am almost ready for it. (touch wood)
004. I wish i was at London fashion week I wish i was at London fashion weekI wish i was at London fashion weekI wish i was at London fashion weekI wish i was at London fashion week.
005. Hope you all have an amazing week, achieve all of the takes you intend to.

Hugs & Kisses JSSCCLM xoxox

Saturday, 18 February 2012

RocknRoll Part II

At the moment i am really feeling the 'Grunge/RocknRoll' trend, i don't really know why i just think its quite me atm and how i am feeling to express my emotions of whatever. Not too sure really. But anyway, you can see from the link above to the asos page the whole grunge trend and what its all about. Im in love with anything that has studs and spikes etc. I know topshop have a lush gold studded bracelet as i bagged it a couple of days ago. 
Love love love my studded bracelet 

Double cross necklace

Topshop necklace £8.50
As you can see from the pictures the studded bracelet is very Rock and Roll and it was relatively cheap at only £7.50! However, it can dig into your wrist it can hurt you! I picked up this gold double cross necklace when i was in topshop the other and and they have loads of different cross/ religious orientated jewelry in there at the moment and i personally really like it. I tend to change from gold to silver and vise verse when it comes to jewelry but i defiantly think these piece stand out that bit more in gold. For something to have a 'Gunge/RocknRoll' feel to it doesn't have to have studs or be religious, there are hundreds or novelty tees, over sized tops along with vintage Levi shorts i think, if they are paired with the right thing are all following the trend. 
Im just wearing my leather jacket from below from topshop £55
Jumper also from top shop £40ish (quite old) 
Scarf from River Island £5
Please tell me your ideas on the trend and how you are keeping up to date with it 
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Much Love JSSCCLM xoxoxox

Friday, 17 February 2012


So this is the leather jacket i decided to get in the end from Top shop. I chose this one in the end because it is a little bit thicker than all of the others i tried on, and seeing as it is meant to get much colder i thought is was most sensible to go for that option! It wasn't to expensive at £55, which i guess is you average price for a jacket these days. I like the fact that it has two collars on it adds more of a 'grundge/rock n roll' flare to it. However i did want a leather jacket with studs on but could not find one anywhere so i may just do to some handy diy and stick some on. (please leave a comment if you know anywhere that sells sew on/iron on studs)  
I had wanted a leather jacket for ages and ages now because i think there are so easy to wear and go with everything in my wardrobe!
This shows you the two different collars 

 And this burgundy hat is my life saver on certain days! I think its amazing, my mum got if for me for crimbo. (have no idea where from though) Its perfect for those days when you don't have enough time to do your hair/ need to rush someone/ when its raining etc.. I don't know what i would do without it sometimes. Flung it on this morning when i went to run some errands and was running slightly late- no surprise there.
I added a scarf from River Island which i picked up for a 5er- absolute bargain if you ask me, it goes with everything as well which always helps.

Much Love JSSCCLM xoxox
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Thursday, 16 February 2012

This & That

Yesterday i popped in town too meet up with my friends to go last minuet shopping to try and find an outfit, i hate leaving it untill last minuet and going to the shops because i know i will never find something and if i do then it will not be in stock in my size. Anyway, getting back to the point of this post, they weren't due in town for a while so i decided to treat myself to a clinique foundation, and it is amazing. The women asked me a load of different questions about my skin, tried on loads of colours and different types of foundations and in the end she recommended this one.

I would say its quite posh in its little glass bottle and that may be my only concern as i can get quite clumsy and and down want to break it as i would be soo annoyed at myself! But i would defiantly buy it again at £21.50- i was expecting it to be more as it is a moisturizer aswell. And in clinique, if you buy two products you get a free eye shadow palet and i couldnt resist. I was in great need of a new mascara so i got the high definition lash brush one. And again it is a great product.

This is the free eye shadow kit worth £25, love the three step eye too, comes in really handy.

As you can see from the brush, it is made up of two different brushes, one too lengthen and the other to define etc. Its think its also really good that they show on the box how to too that. It was not too pricey at £16.50 which always helps.
The eye shadow kit comes in two colours, green or lilac. I was far to indecisive and didn't know which one to have so the lady tested the lilac one on me and i really liked it.
I think that the packaging of clinique make-up is quite traditional with the colours that are used, its suitable for any ages person.
Pleases leave a comment on what you think and the makeup that you use.

Love JSSCCLM xoxo

Happy Valentines

I hope that you all had an amazing valentines day! 
To be honest i dot think mine could have gotten any worse if you ask me. I broke up with my boyfriend, i have no idea whats so ever as to why i am telling the world that but never mind. I mean what a day to break up valentines day, isn't it meant to be the day of love and affection.. clearly no in my case! 
I haven't really been blogging lately because i hate using my lap top and need a new one and the blog app on my ipad could not be any crapper, for some reason it makes everything jump around. (i wouldn't by it if i was you) 
I have a major french exam next week and i really cant be bothered to revise or do any work for it because it is far to boring and irrelevant if you ask me. 
Anyway, you don't need to read about my depressing valentines day (that if you are actually reading it) go off and have fun! 
 p.s this was meant to be posted on v day but i forgot 

Much Love JSSCCLM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx