Sunday, 18 March 2012


001. Im soo tired, this is the first time all day i think i have actually sat down for longer than 5 minuets. Hope everyone has had a great day with the mothers etc.. I know i keep going on about my exams and everything and that must be really dull for you to read and im so sorry but, i must tell you all that i had my college interview this week THREE HOURS must i mention! and i got an unconditional position. That basically means there are no conditions that i must for fill in order for me to be accepted because i have already got everything i need well mostly.. And i was actually quite nervous wen my mum dropped me off there and i could see all these other girls that looked really into fashion and profession and then there was me sat there in my school uniform because my big brother took my there at lunch time. Turns out i talked the best game though, being the only girl given a unconditional position. When we had the actual interviews though i was the last, so when i was sat thee waiting one of the other girls came and sat next to me (she had just had hers) and she was telling me what they said, the interviewer said a question on natural and synthetic fabrics and i wasnt too sure on the answers so i wrote them on my hand! Sorry, the above must had made you want to fall asleep :)
002. had my school fun run on friday, everyone runs/walks 5k in fancy dress and my friends and i went in mario and luigi costumes it was the funniest thing ever, will post photos of them and others during the week, hopefully.
003. Finally went shopping today hoping to finally spend some money but... Nothing, i bloddy ate going shopping and not finding anything its the most anything thing ever, thats why im far more into internet shopping atm because i don't really know what i want and it far easier. I was looking for a dropped hem skirt i can not find one anyway for love nor money please comment and tell me if you see one.
004. I am trying to eat healthier for summer and all that, during the week its okay but its just at weekends i just crack and give in. It properly doesn't help that my mum made brownies this morning! But i find it really handy to have cut up fruit and veg in the fridge as its there and easy to just munch on instead of something 10x's worse.
005. Have a beautiful week and follow om blog please <3

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