Sunday, 11 March 2012


001. I cant really decide whether this has been a fast week or a slow week really for me, either way i still cant believe we are heading into the middle of march, its crazy. Haven't really had the most productive of weeks as i fell i haven't actually achieved many things i want to do. 
002. Its official i literary don't have a social life outside of my bedroom, all week end (bar Saturday when i was working) i have been in my room writing aimlessly for various pieces of work and course all due within a matter of days. I have my college interview on Wednesday, im slightly nervous as its around 3 hours long and i have no idea what i will be doing or how i should prepare myself, help? 
003. I have been looking everywhere for the perfect prom dress, at first i want a Cinderella princess dress, where it is just huge and all that; but now i think i have changed my mind and want a more elegant and sophisticated ball gown type dress and i have no idea why, i just think it will suit me better. Ideally i would like a backless dress, personally i think they are just so chic and gorgeous. 
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