Sunday, 4 March 2012


Btw this is an old photo of me as i am sat here ill with a slick top knot (not the most attractive look ever!)
001- Havent really don anything too interesting this week really, its been abit of  slow one if im honest. I got my letter from college and i am to attend a meeting for 3 ish hours next week and apparently i have to do numerous test ect on english and maths, i have no idea what they have to do with with fashion and textiles but oh well. I shall keep you all posted on how it all pans out. (fingers crossed very well)
002- I lead such an interesting life at the moment...not. This weekend i have been working, babysitting and revising; this seems to have been all my life has consisted on recently, oh dear i really not too get a life.
003- I havent really been shopping much but ive been browsing the internet for a drop back skirt, i love the style of them and i cant find one that is have decent anywhere. Any recommendations? please comment and let me know
004- Yep, i don't have anything else relevant left to say, that is only if you think my blab above is actually interesting. Sorry ive been slightly dry i have many things on my plate atm. Well i will make myself blog during the week and stop being lazy, hope you have a wonderful week
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Love JSSCCLM xoxoxoxoxox

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