Sunday, 26 February 2012


001-Heyy guys hope you all had an amazingly productive week. Sorry i havent blogged at all i don't know where the time went. I have so much on my plate atm im sooo tired. I have a week to finish making my dress and have all its paper work up to date-never going to happen
002- I got my interview date for college this week, i am slightly nervous and i don't know why but apparently the fashion and textiles course i want to do is majorly over subscribed this year so i really need to up my game and get drawing right away. (btw its on 7th march) So im all up tight about that as well. Sorry for the moan and grunt tonight!
003- I told you guys i broke up with m boyfriend on valentines day major el o el but i went on my first date you could call it since i broke up with my ex. It was really good actually we went to the cinema and back to his ect.. But i was really nervous because i didn't know what to wear because i wasn't sure what he was expecting and all that. So i just kept it simplish shorts, tights, layered top and long waist coat.
004- I have a post i want to do on a teen vogue book i have, will hopefully do that this week if i have time. Sorry no outfit posts this week.
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