Friday, 17 February 2012


So this is the leather jacket i decided to get in the end from Top shop. I chose this one in the end because it is a little bit thicker than all of the others i tried on, and seeing as it is meant to get much colder i thought is was most sensible to go for that option! It wasn't to expensive at £55, which i guess is you average price for a jacket these days. I like the fact that it has two collars on it adds more of a 'grundge/rock n roll' flare to it. However i did want a leather jacket with studs on but could not find one anywhere so i may just do to some handy diy and stick some on. (please leave a comment if you know anywhere that sells sew on/iron on studs)  
I had wanted a leather jacket for ages and ages now because i think there are so easy to wear and go with everything in my wardrobe!
This shows you the two different collars 

 And this burgundy hat is my life saver on certain days! I think its amazing, my mum got if for me for crimbo. (have no idea where from though) Its perfect for those days when you don't have enough time to do your hair/ need to rush someone/ when its raining etc.. I don't know what i would do without it sometimes. Flung it on this morning when i went to run some errands and was running slightly late- no surprise there.
I added a scarf from River Island which i picked up for a 5er- absolute bargain if you ask me, it goes with everything as well which always helps.

Much Love JSSCCLM xoxox
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