Thursday, 16 February 2012

Happy Valentines

I hope that you all had an amazing valentines day! 
To be honest i dot think mine could have gotten any worse if you ask me. I broke up with my boyfriend, i have no idea whats so ever as to why i am telling the world that but never mind. I mean what a day to break up valentines day, isn't it meant to be the day of love and affection.. clearly no in my case! 
I haven't really been blogging lately because i hate using my lap top and need a new one and the blog app on my ipad could not be any crapper, for some reason it makes everything jump around. (i wouldn't by it if i was you) 
I have a major french exam next week and i really cant be bothered to revise or do any work for it because it is far to boring and irrelevant if you ask me. 
Anyway, you don't need to read about my depressing valentines day (that if you are actually reading it) go off and have fun! 
 p.s this was meant to be posted on v day but i forgot 

Much Love JSSCCLM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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