Saturday, 28 January 2012

To be or not to be

For ages now I have wanted a new faux leather/ real leather jacket. here are the only four that I actually like and I need the help of all you wonderful people to tell me which jacket you like the best.

I know they are all very similar but if you look at them in detail they are actually quite different. (at least I think so anyway) ideally I did want one with studs on but that jacket must be in my dreams as it is impossible to find!!!

Another thing is I don't know which type of collar I want and what will suit me best and what one will go best with my wardrobe. I may just buy all four and solve all of my problems. If only...

So please can you leave a comment, telling me which is your favourite and I shall keep you all posted on the final decision I make. Or if you know where I can get a really nice one from please fill free to leave the link!

Much love jsscclm x

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