Sunday, 30 October 2011

Faux Fur Chic

Shirt: H&M 
Fur cardigan/waistcoat: H&M 
Wine Leggings: Primark 
Necklace: Primark 
Ring: Clairs 
pretty lazy this morning and cba to put any makeup on (hence the ugliness!) 
I got this fur cardigan waistcoat when i went shopping with my mum to westfields on Tuesday, i wasn't too sure at first but then it grow on me and now i love it! It's really in this fall with the whole 'faux fur' collar. I think that's that made me buy it, was a bargain too at only £20.
Im really into shirts and all that preppiness atm so i put this shirt underneath. Its ok for now but it's abit shire and wont keep you very warm when it gets colder! 
Picked up this necklace from primark on my taking back session with my mum on Friday, i must say that they are actually fab for little things like that! My ring is abit emo/goth but i really like it, its soo sparkly, but i was abit annoyed that one of the sparkles was missing when i got it home! 

I have the most stressful week ahead of me in my life so far (prewarning if not posts)  I have a Romeo and Juliet exam Tuesday, French speaking and a textiles deadline. Freaking out to the max 

Thanks, lots of love 


  1. I truly like this vest, i blogged about the vest I love this fall. This is one of the nicest I have seen this fall

  2. I love the fur gilet, i have a thing for fur at the moment!! xx

  3. Awh, I love white shirts:D and you look amazing!


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