Tuesday, 13 August 2013


wow im a crap blogger aren't I, cant believe how fast this year has gone its actually crazy. I have finished my first of college. (I study fashion its amazeballs) I have a few pictures to show you of the various projects i have been doing in my sketchbooks. During the year I have made two major garments; one spired by Eliza Doolittle's character in My Fair Lady, the second a 1960's inspired dress. If anyone out there wants to study fashion and cant deal with the hassle of A levels then, a college course like mine would be perfect for you. Its so much fun and you learn so much about the fashion industry and about all the various roles ect.. 

These are just a couple of pics from my 'contextual' book. (a book where I write reviews of exhibitions along with various other things) We went to the Valentino exhibition at Summerset House in London, it was truly inspiring and I loved it. So I had to do a 8 pages review of what I liked, disliked. (which there was nothing I disliked obviously.)

These other pics are just from other projects that I have. I have only shown you my art side of the course, don't want you all think that all I do all day because its not!! anyway's hope you like this very miner insight to my college life. 


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