Sunday, 18 September 2011

Old School

I think im the worlds worst blogger!
Basically i have had sucha a hectic week and a half or however long it has been, I'm not to sure. I've had so many deadlines with my textiles course work (which i may show you some sneak peaks of!) and other subjects i don't know which to do whenever i do get some free time! Another busy busy busy weekend too, had to go to shopping on Thursday to get my mum and friend a birthday present but i forgot to get my mum one because i didn't have enough time, i have no idea where it goes? (thank god for online shopping!) Praying it will come in time. Work yesterday-such a long day and then i had my friends 16th birthday party/gathering/whatever you want to call it. Today i thought i would get on with all my work but got tempted by my mum to go shopping and i could say no to that could i? Boring, i don't think I'm really feeling many things in the shops atm. 

Today i quickly threw on this outfit as i had 10 minutes to get ready because my mum is the worlds quickest dresser! 

Shirt: Blue and White stripe from Super dry 
Knitted jumper: This is so old i can not tell you, hence the post name, i think its properly classed as vintage now! Its from H&M children section, lol and its got to be like age 10 or something! Just thought it look really 'old school' with the shirt. 
Skirt: Its not mine, its my cousins, we literally share clothes all the time, this is from Jack Wills, so overpriced for what it is, but its really cute and its made from old pairs of jeans (which is pretty cool, i thought) 
Jewelry: My aunt gave me the ring and a white links of London bracelet.

Oh p.s sorry photos not that great, bad lighting and very little makeup-reason for the ugliness! 

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